Thursday, April 06, 2006


Winningly, it turns out that when Anthony Kiedis only got round to mentioning to Flea that he'd had his sister by sticking it in his autobiography.

Scar TissueSo there was Flea, flicking through Scar Tissue: "hee... hee... wow... ouch... HANG ABOUT JUST A SECOND THERE, MISTER."

It's unusual for a rock musician to discover that your bandmate screwed your sister from reading a book - actually, let's be honest, it's unusual for a rock musician to read a book, period. The normal way, of course, is to rifle through the home videos on the tour bus.


Ladyvoyeur said...

The book is a great in look inside the life of Anthony and the dark world of drugs, the book is well written and very imformative for those chili peppers fans that have a need to know the behind the scenes.

Monster_Shaft said...

I dont know who wrote that blog but ... did you even read it ? it doesn't only talk about Anthony screwing around with Flea's sister... really shallow of a comment about a book you maybe did not even read. One of the greatest biography out there on the market if you ask me

simon h b said...

Mr. Shaft, you seem to have misunderstood the post. It doesn't say that book is only about Anthony and Flea's sister - the post says that amongst the stories in the book is that they had a thing, and Flea never found out about it until he read the book. It wasn't meant to be a review.

If you want one: over-written and self-regarding. If you really believe it's one of the best biographies, you ought to try Clive James' unreliable memoirs, Stephen Fry's Moab is My Washpot or Royy Jenkins on Gladstone.

Anonymous said...

Wait just a bloomin' second there simon... the Monster-Shaft guy's got it right. If you actually read the book, you would know that Flea had taken a quick peek through his sister's window while Anthony was screwing his sister... Flea did NOT find out after reading Anthony's book...

On a different note, I also think that "Scar Tissue" is one of the best biographies out there...

And a piece of advice to Simon... READ YOUR BOOKS BEFORE YOU CRITIQUE THEM!!!

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