Sunday, April 09, 2006


There's a photo in today's News of the World which, they reckon, "should finally shock Kate Moss into giving Pete Doherty the boot."

We'll let them describe it for you - this is what the NOTW said:

Half naked on his bed, eyes staring vacantly into oblivion, the junkie rocker plunges a needle into his arm and openly injects heroin. Terrifyingly, it was shot just SEVEN WEEKS AGO, only days after he appeared in court facing jail and vowing to stay off hard drugs.

We're not quite sure what's "terrifying" about that, unless you're genuinely afraid of Pete telling lies. "Depressingly", "predictably" - they might fit. Terrifyingly? Not so sure.

But we're not so sure about the "eyes staring into oblivion" bit, either.

Pete Doherty injects drugsApart from anything, if you're staring vacantly, how can you simultaneously be openly doing anything? Now, we're not denying here that he looks like he's shooting up. And, because he's a twat, he probably is. But what he also seems to be doing is posing for the camera. He's showing off, hoping to add to his mythology, and once again the Murdoch papers are doing their bit to help him.

Oh, but they're doing it for Kate, you understand:

The nightmare scene will horrify supermodel Kate, 32, who last month rekindled their on-off relationship with a weekend of booze and wild sex.

So, you think what, then? That Kate would never have seen an addict inject before? That Kate managed to have a weekend of wild sex and yet not spot the fresh track marks? That the kindest thing to do, if you believe this, is to let her know through a newspaper?

Not that the Murdoch press would want to be thought of as turning drugs into some sort of cool circus. Although the NOTW does have this feature:

Click here to view a slideshow of Wild Pete's descent into druggie hell

But it's concern. It's not turning a junkie into a wayward hero, oh no.

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