Thursday, May 18, 2006


Eric Clapton is quite a bitter man in many ways. Or, at least, comes across so. Right now, he's directing his bile in the direction of Bono and Chris Martin:

"Right now, the power of music sits with Simon Cowell and Coldplay and U2, who are really people who just attend awards shows.

"From just listening I can't tell the difference between Coldplay and U2. The one in Coldplay even dances like Bono."

Now, we'll happily put in a few quid to any office collection to buy shoes to kick Bono or Chris Martin, but that's just wrong. Bono, for all his faults, tends to be quite energetic on stage - or at least bounces, as he gets older and breath more precious - whereas Martin doesn't do much of anything. And you can't tell the difference between The Fly and Yellow, Eric? Really?

He's not finished:

"I think what it shows is how incredibly detached all the current stuff is from its roots. What worries me about what's going on now is that people don't know where it's all come from, and I don't suppose they're that interested."

And when people forget about the roots of their music, who knows what could happen? You get things like where that bloke who made millions from watering down the blues for a white rock audience suddenly started piping up in support of arch-racist Enoch Powell; what was his name again?

It couldn't be Eric Clapton, though. He'd never lose touch with his roots. Playing a pro-fox hunting, for example.


Anonymous said...

I"m sorry, I just don't believe that. Eric is just not the kind of person to go around bad-mouthing others, especially other musicians. That's just not him.
Cheryl Eva

Anonymous said...

Chris Martin doesn't do much of anything? Are we forgetting that when he plays the piano he twitches around like he's got a bug up his ass, and occasionally he bops around pretending to be swinging a lightbulb about? I think the more pertinent point is that he can't tell them apart from listening to them. Who would have thought Eric Clapton was tone deaf? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, he's got a point. Yellow might not sound much like the Fly but the guitar and the way Martin sings sound a lot like mid 80's U2 - Bad, Pride, Streets Have No Name and the rest.

Anonymous said...

He's entitled to his opinion, like everyone else. I don't think Eric is bitter so much as stating fact. His comments about the power in music are right on the money. I can't tell the difference between U2 and Coldplay, either. The only new music I've liked in recent years has been Eric's work and Rod Price's solo albums. As a kid, I grew up around blues musicians who told me who they listened to and gave me a proper education in the roots of blues. I hate to see so many in the current generation ignorant of music history.

simon h b said...

Well, yes, most recent anonymous, he is entitled to his opinion - exactly like anyone else. His is just tempered by the bitterness that he doesn't get invited to tea at the G8 or to hang out with company bosses. Apparently.

As for the music comment - if you've seriously, seriously only liked two albums in recent years, I would have to suggest that you've lost interest in music.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't see EC WANTING to have tea with the G8 or company bosses.

simon h b said...

You don't think Clapton is interested in the business community?

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