Thursday, May 18, 2006


It's interesting to hear that the McCartneys are blaming their divorce on it being "difficult to maintain a normal relationship with constant intrusion into our private lives".

It's certainly true that the press has been quick to run stories suggesting the couple were on a rocky pitch, but much as we'd love to see Rupert Murdoch sued as co-respondent in the divorce, surely that can't be the only reason for the split?

"Paul, I love you…"
"I love you Heather, with all my heart"
"We're in the papers again…"
"Saying we're rowing?"
"Right, that's it, then; it's over."

And surely Heather can't have been that surprised to discover one of the richest and most famous men in the world's every doings would wind up in the papers?

After all, what with the recent "don't kill the seals" programme for the BBC, or Macca posting to her website in her defence, or the appearances on Larry King Live – all this has hardly been the activity of a couple seeking to live their lives away from the glare of publicity, has it?

Even at the time of divorce, even while railing at the press for having caused it, they're still issuing media releases - Macca denying that it was all about the money in the pages of Hello, for example.

The money is what's proving most fascinating to the press – we've seen figures stretching from a quickie £50million pay-off up to £412million for a fifty-fifty split. (In effect, the argument is over if there should be two people with grotesquely over-inflated bank balances or just the one.) A divorce specialist appeared on BBC News 24 last night insisting that the courts wouldn't make McCartney give away too much of his cash because – quote "he's a genius" and, apparently, geniuses get special treatment in divorces.

He can't be that much of a bloody genius, though, or he'd have at least got a prenup.


Tim Footman said...

If the court awards Heather a big settlement, will Paul have to stump up?


kelvin said...

nah she won't have a leg to stand on


Anonymous said...

Those were extremely limp jokes.

Richard W. Symonds said...

Rupert Murdoch is out to discredit the estranged couple - through the medium of his Sun and News of The World.

Both are a 'threat' to him and his Empire.

Heather Mills McCartney will now sue Murdoch's News of the World.

Good for her.

Perhaps now Rupert's motivations will be 'exposed' for all to see.

simon h b said...

Richard, I'm not suggesting you're wrong, but I'm puzzled:

In what way is McCartney a threat to News International? Never mind Heather Mills.

And if Murdoch was really trying to destroy the pair, wouldn't he be better off using Fox News as the medium?

Most importantly, unless Murdoch has some agenda other than 'make all the money, keep power on my side', is there anyone who hasn't already seen that?

Richard W. Symonds said...

Simon, have a look at the two official websites for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney.

The first - 'Make Poverty History' etc
The second - 'Ban Landmines' (Princess Diana's favourite) and 'Ban Firs' etc.

Also take a look at the reasons the estranged couple give for their estrangement.

Also take a look at which newspapers are 'manufacturing' the story - The Sun and News of the World - both from the Murdoch 'stable'.

Like Princess Diana, Michael Jackson et al before them, McCartney & Mills could potentially have a huge influence on global public opinion in the future - and they have lots of dosh too.

Murdoch's Fox News haven't been given the nod yet to 'get their media teeth' into the couple...and that is now unlikely if the legal action won't go Murdoch's way.
Anyway, Fox News has become a total laughing-stock outside the US...

Those are just a few reasons why they are a threat to Murdoch and his empire...and they also have this very subversive habit of telling the truth - the greatest threat of all.

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