Thursday, May 18, 2006


The ever-reliable Rocking Vicar reports on the instructions given to those who would be in the audience for a band playing Chicago next week, which is being taped for TV:

Wear stylish clothing that you would wear to a club on the weekend. Jeans are OK.
Do not wear T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts or clothing with logos.
We reserve the right to relocate any audience member whose logo or clothing may interfere with the television taping.
Guys, we prefer you to wear long sleeves.
Do not wear white or pastel shirts. Solid, bright colors (sic) work best on television.
Do not wear a suit and tie, or shorts
Dress attire is not formal but it is not casual.

What's depressing is the network is PBS. What's doubly depressing is the band is The New York Dolls.

We are amused at the idea that turning up in a t-shirt with a New York Dolls logo on would "interfere" with the taping of a New York Dolls TV appearance.

And men? In short sleeves? Presumably that'd just make the band wind up looking gay.

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Anonymous said...

Leave a clean audience. Don't go.

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