Friday, May 19, 2006


No sooner has Bush pledged to make America's borders more watertight than ever than MIA has been denied entry to the US:

Roger roger do you here me over!!!!
the U.S immigration wont let me in!!!!!
i was mennu work with timber startin this week, but now im doin a Akon "im locked out they wont let me in" im locked out! they wont let me in! Now Im strictly making my album outside the borders!!!! so il see you all one day, for now ill keep reportin from the sidelines
to my people who walk wiv me in the America, dont forget we got the internet! Spread the word! or come get me!!!!!! ill be in my bird flu lab in china! liming and drinkin tiger beer with my pet turtel. I love everyone for the support, now i need it more. ill stay up spread out else where.

Now, since the US haven't yet introduced stricter controls for people entering the US with a large number of exclamation marks, we can only presume the problem is Maya Arulpragasam's connections to proscribed organisations (her father was a Tamil Tiger; many of her cousins are still fighting for Tamil self-determination she told Pitchfork last year.) Not, of course, that you'd expect anyone to take the trouble to explain why.

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