Friday, May 19, 2006


It's the 2006 answer to the clash of civilisations: The Kooks and Razorlight have fallen out.

First, Johnny Borrell lauched the war of words:

"I heard their single on the radio the other day and it sounds like fucking Avril Lavigne! If he can live with himself after that production, and if he feels like he has to slag people off to keep up, then I'm sure his nights are long and those moments of doubt are really painful."

"For a start, he models his style on me. And that record is the most horrible thing I've ever heard. It sounds like the band are literally rolling over, sticking their arse in the air and begging Radio 1 to fuck them. So fuck The Kooks. Fuck 'em!"

Blimey. However will the Kooks respond?

By, um, playing a tune:

"This one's for Johnny Borrell," the frontman quipped, before the group launched into their recent single 'Naïve'"

Ooh, that'll show them. Assuming Borrell was listening, which he probably wasn't.