Thursday, May 18, 2006


There's an interesting little twist in this morning's Sun story about Geri Halliwell's new baby, which, we're told:

" a dead ringer for the singer — thanks to a mop of ginger hair."

How do we know about this child before it's made a public appearance?

A visitor to London’s Portland Hospital, a new dad who refused to be named, said: “Geri’s on the same floor as my wife. Her baby has exactly the same colour hair as her mum.”

Well, "new dad", so long as you keep your family's privacy, that's all that counts, eh?

Almost as puzzling as yesterday's Liverpool Echo, which reported the vandalism on Colleen McLoughlin's family's cars. The paper printed a picture of one of the cars, with the number plate blurred out; in the report, though, it gave the street they lived on and described the model, colour and years of all three cars. So, if you were minded, you wouldn't be able to track them down through the police national computer, but an A to Z would do you.


orange anubis said...

you've got to take your hats off to the sun's prose style sometimes though. they must be praying for geri to be caught in a nightclub with that michael ballack, so they could headline 'ginger singer fingers minger winger'

Anonymous said...

Uhhh... but Geri isn't a natural redhead. Anyone who's seen her early 'art pamplet' shots knows that. It's called hair-dye, duh!

If it really is a ginge, I'd be letting Gervasi off the hook and looking hard at Chris Evans. Or Mick Hucknall. Or possibly James Hewitt.

Cob said...

ah, but anon, when she first became famous she had ginger hair, therefore it IS her hair colour. To be perceived by The Sun is to be and all that, as old Bish Berkeley would have written if he were living in the modern age. (In his column in that august periodical, filling in while Littlejohn is on holiday.)

As for old 'Love Rat' Hewitt, surely you aren't suggesting he would have any famous illegitimate sprogs, eh? Surely not his sort of bag at all, that. I certainly can't think of any candidates around at the moment.


Hang on a mo...

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