Thursday, May 18, 2006


Because she doesn't want to seem old and out-of-touch, Oprah Winfrey has rushed out a statement denying that her attack on Ludacris is because she hates hip-hop. I'm hip to the hop, insists O:

Oprah, 52, insisted that she’s a fan of 50 Cent, Fitty and Kanye West, but added: “I’m opposed to some of the music that offends my sensibilities.

“That’s when you’re degrading women, marginalising women, but the beat I love.”

So, presumably, she thinks 50 Cent's PIMP or Fat Bitches are wonderful feminist works of art. It's equally curious that his constant banging on about shooting people with guns doesn't offend Oprah's "sensibilities."

Our favourite Oprah moment came during her show on Random Acts of Kindness a few years back, when she took a camera crew down to a supermarket to spring a surprise on an ordinary couple. She selected a down-at-heel looking pair doing their shopping, walked up to them and offered to help them with the cost of their shopping. The multi-millionaire then dug her hands deep into her pockets and pulled out... the money-off coupons she'd clipped from her weekend paper.

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Sy said...

Is is The Sun or Oprah that doesn't know its hip hop arse from its elbow? Fitty (it's actually spelt Fiddy) & 50 Cent are the same person.

To be fair to the chatshow queen, the quote I saw from her mentioned In Da Club rather than Fiddy himself - & more specifically, she said she liked the beat rather than the vocal.

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