Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here we go again. It's still not clear if The Sun wants us to think it's only running the pictures in a purely illustrative manner (although, of course, many pictures [are] too filthy to print in a family newspaper) or if it's just got carried away, but more books of Heather Mills full-frontal and pretending to have sex have turned up.

In the 1988 book, titled Sexual Secrets, she is seen performing a sex act, indulging in bondage and simulating full sex.

"A sex act" is, of course, Emily Bishop speak for a blow-job.

Other pictures, which do not feature Heather, show four-in-a-bed and lesbian sex.

Person who wasn't married to former Beatle in erotic photograph shocker - hold the front page.

Frustratingly, for the paper, it's hearing of other pictures in circulation that it can't get hold of, to print, for illustrative purposes only:

Meanwhile last night it emerged that Heather — who split from Macca last month after four married years — was also pictured in a top-shelf French magazine.

It is thought she appeared in a number of graphic poses.

Well, yes, porn magazines are generally like that.

Meanwhile, the Mirror breathlessly reports a meeting between Macca and the woman The Sun is now calling Mucca:

HEATHER Mills made a midnight dash to the home of her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney last night.

It is the first time she has visited his London townhouse since the couple split last month.

Yeees, first time she's been to his townhouse. But since she went over to see him while he was on his country estate last week, it's not exactly the first time she's met him face-to-face since the papers started their trawl of Mills' past.

One interesting facet of today's deluge: The Sun is a lot quieter about the News of the World allegations at the weekend, restricting itself to a brief report of her denial:

Heather, who yesterday denied claims she once worked as a hooker, has turned to her family for support, while ex-Beatle Macca has been left devastated.

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