Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Someone should take Dannii Minogue to one side and... no, actually, that would be enough. Just take her to one side.

While there, though, it might be worth mentioning that before you start begging for a role in a TV series to check if there's any point. Minogue-redux launched into a little pitch for a little part in Little Britain while on GMTV:

“My ultimate dream is to be in the Little Britain scene at Fat Fighters wearing a fat suit."

In a fat suit! Do you see? How hilarious fat people are! And it's even funnier because Danni isn't fat at all.

"I would really like to do that — maybe playing a washed-up pop star eating loads of chocolate bars.”

We take it back. We didn't realise she was a method actor.

Trouble is, of course, there isn't going to be another series of Little Britain - she might as well have been trying to wangle herself a part as Albert Steptoe's girlfriend.

While we're on the topic of BBC Comedy, can we just say how much we enjoyed BBC TWO's discomfort on Monday night, when it was keen to trail the new comedy programme it had on last night, but seemed strangely reluctant to actually say what it was. So we had voiceovers announcing "new commedy from BBC THREE tomorrow" and even continuity describing some of the characters in the programme. But no mention of the name to circle in the Radio Times. To slightly adapt what teachers used to say: if you're big enough to have a programme called Tittybangbang in your schedule, you're big enough to say the title.