Friday, June 09, 2006


We have to admire the probity of District Judge Jane McIvor, who was charged with hearing the latest update on Pete Doherty's process fighting drug addiction. She restricted herself just to what was said in court and, as she must, put aside any information that she might have heard from other sources about syringes on planes, or fingers on mittens, or artwork using blood or invesigations by German police, or cousins being dumped, overdosed and comatose, out on the street.

And, based on what she heard, she was able to praise Doherty for his hard work and recovery:

It was a "tough struggle for him, but he's not going backwards", she added.

Doherty wasn't in court, of course, because he's off in "rehab" in Portugal, as his lawyer explained:

Mr Curran said the troubled star was still "striving towards" negative drugs tests and added there were "valid reasons" why he was unable to attend the hearing at Thames Magistrates Court in east London.

"I have spoken to the person who is managing Mr Doherty at present and he has confirmed he is in Portugal and he is at the clinic," said Mr Curran.

"I understand treatment is going well and he is due to return back to the UK on Saturday," he added.

Back in Britain in Saturday? That soon? We can't wait to hear details of how the Portugese manage to fast-track rehab to such an extent.