Thursday, June 08, 2006


Not that the lack of Mills porn means the paper isn't caught in a moment of fake moral outrage, forcing an "apology" from Kimberley Walsh out of Girls Aloud.

Her crime?

A toke on a spliff during a New Year party.

“I realise what I did was wrong, especially as I’m in a position where fans look up to you. I got caught up in a moment and I’m sorry.”

Victoria Newton froths about her being a bad role model:

Just last Saturday the group completed a UK arena tour, performing in front of thousands of young fans across the country.

Kimberley’s got to remember she’s a POP star — not a POT star.

A pot star, do you see?

Of course, if it's so vitally important that young girls don't see her smoking "a cannabis cigarette", what with her being a role model and all, why did the Sun run the picture of it? After all, the joint was shared at a private party with just a few friends present; if the Sun hadn't printed the picture, nobody would ever have known.

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eyetie said...

Another case of rank hypocrisy from the newspaper journos who can see their jobs evaporating in the face of bloggers like you. "Pop star does pot at private party" all seems a bit ho hum nowadays when Pete D can't even get people excited for more than ten minutes when he's caught injecting a groupie.

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