Monday, June 12, 2006


Having watched all of the football records fail to make the chart - oddly, kept off by Nelly Furtado, who recorded one of the official songs for the World Cup 2002 and did some business in Berlin for the opening ceremonies - The Sun is getting desperate to deliver its beery chart the number one it promised.

So the cost of the download has been cut to a penny at Tesco.

It's still overpriced.

The arcane rules governing physical sales qualifying for the chart features a price below which sales are treated as not counting; we've always thought it a stupid rule, but if it's going to exist, shouldn't it cover downloads as well?

While we're talking about football and supermarkets and world cup records, are we the only ones raising a quizzical eye at Alex James breaking off from his new life as a gentleman farmer and rural activist to allow Asda-WalMart to slap Vindaloo onto an advert for (naturally) a football-related Take Away curry ad? We're sure his new neighbours will be delighted as they deliver whole flocks of sheep to the supermarkets for tuppence to know where the real money goes...