Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Heather Mills pornarama continues to roll on, although today it's starting to look like the worst may be over for her - it's the 3AM girls rather than the Sun today, turning up to the party belatedly with another magazine:

Wearing a revealing red basque and stockings and with her hair in a Farrah Fawcett-style flick, the ex-model is seen reclining on a bed with her legs akimbo.

Blimey - that is quite an exclusive there; we might have thought the Mirror was just jumping belatedly on a bandwagon even though "someone who did porn photos, erm, did porn photos" wasn't exactly news, but it turns out there is something here: since "akimbo" means "with hands on hips and elbows pointing outwards", that she was able to put the hands of her legs onto her hips does suggest there was something quite extraordinary about these photos.

Or the 3AM team don't have their work subbed before they print it.

They're also trying to start a new nickname for Heather - if you thought the Murdoch one (Lady Mucca) was poor, try theirs:

Lewdy Macca

That that made it into the paper makes the absence of a sub seem more plausible still.

The paper is sniffy about the hooker allegations:

As Heather left London her lawyer Stephen Taylor said she would sue a downmarket Sunday newspaper over claims she was a high-class hooker. He said allegations she was paid thousands to bed wealthy Arabs were "untrue and highly defamatory".

Ah, so the NOTW is "downmarket", whereas describing twenty year old porn photos must be, therefore, classy.