Friday, June 30, 2006


They reckon you are what you eat.

Mariah Carey eats a pointless, nit-picky, show-off of a diet.

It seems Mariah has three days a week on which she'll only eat purple food.

Because, erm, it's good for you:

A source said: “It sounds off-the-wall but it’s a huge injection of healthy food in one go. Purple products are nature’s best weapons in the battle against ageing. There’s a saying that ‘a plum a day keeps a facelift away’.”

No, we're pretty sure there isn't. The Japanese believe that a plum a day will keep a doctor away, like with apples; three meals of beetroot and plums a day are more likely to keep everyone away, apart from that nice doctor that Mariah met once before.

It's not been confirmed that on her purple days she'll only have sex with Prince, but I'm sure we can all picture her Violet Elizabeth Bott the following morning.

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OneofUs said...

A diet that includes Rowntrees blackcurrant fruit pastilles doesn't sound that healthy

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