Friday, June 30, 2006


You might think the most interesting historical document in the papers this morning is the report which showed Britain was going to get America to nuke China if they so much as sniffed at the border with Hong Kong.

And, indeed, it is.

However, the papers have also uncovered a poem Kate Moss wrote for Pete Doherty (they used to go out, you know) which wails 'you don't love me, you love heroin' for all the world like a late-period Brookside cliffhanger:

For that’s why I could cry all day long/
that’s why I can’t breathe.

It could be the love Pete has for his drug buddies which was causing that, Kate, although heightened emotions and respiratory problems could also be the effect of long-term cocaine abuse.


Mikey said...

So she wrote them in *Pete's* journal.

So how did The Sun get hold of them?

Perhaps the publicity people promoting his new book in which he sells the story of his time with Moss for money have sold the story of her poems to a tabloid for money in order to maximise interest in his book. For money.

And there was me thinking he was financing his Jaguars-and-not-as-much-drugs-as-he'd-have-you-believe habit by being some sort of trust fund junkie.

Turns out he's just a kiss & tell fuckwit junkie instead.

Alice Springs said...

Better Doherty-inspired poem here

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