Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We're sure Robbie swinging back into his "ooh, I can't find a girlfriend to have sex with for some strange reason" routine isn't in any way an attempt to draw attention away from the lack of hard detail being put on his offer of a free gig for Dublin after his finale blew cold.

No, he just wants to share how terrible his sex life is:

He says pals can’t believe he has been almost celibate for the past FIVE YEARS.

But his love ’em and leave ’em reputation means girls won’t put out on dates because he says they don’t want to be “like all the other girls.”

Frustrated Rob said: “Girls think that by being ‘different’ I’m going to want them more. But I’m not.

“This has happened for the last five or so years. SLEEP WITH ME!

“It’s become a running joke how hard it is for me just to pull. I know people are ‘just having sex’ because it was going on in my house in the other bedrooms with boys that aren’t famous.

“I see little honesty in the ‘other girls’ statement. To me it means, ‘OK, so you’ve got a date with Robbie Williams. That’s safe, are you going to gamble and see if you can go for Robbie’s millions?’ ”

Well, aren't you the charmer?

The singer’s frustrations peaked when models on his latest video Sin Sin Sin gave him mixed signals.

He fumed: “All the ones I fancied had boyfriends and, over the three days of shooting, led me a merry dance.”

Rob... you forgot "and are probably man-hating lesbians."

You claim women are messing you about (when they're just being nice to the boss) and only after you for your money. Why do you think you don't have a relationship?