Thursday, July 06, 2006


How can they be sure Pete Doherty will turn up for Friday Night with Jonathan Ross? Simple; they film it in advance. So he's shown up, the interview's been done, and the key details have been released to the press, allowing everyone to concentrate on Lea's eviction instead.

Doherty says that he's having twice-weekly tests for cocaine and heroin - we presume he means he's testing the drugs rather than someone else testing his blood for the presence of them in his system; oddly, though, he also claims the cleanest he's ever been was when he was in prison. Which implies to us that he's not entirely clean now:

The musician, who has been arrested for drug possession several times, said he was "absolutely" trying to quit drugs.

"Being skint, drunk, paranoid, no, I don't wish that for myself.

"For the first time in my life I'm upping the stakes in my battle against it."

Meanwhile, heroin, in an exclusive interview with this week's Heat, has insisted that its relationship with Pete isn't over: "I still really want him, all the time. He's the greatest thing that ever happened to me..."

In the Ross interview, Doherty also talks (incoherently) about the end of the Libertines:

: "I just became persona non grata, I got booted out, it was just exile - I suppose because of the drugs but really because I didn't want to tour.

"None of them talk to me. Carl [Barat]... we were best friends, we loved what we did, we took it right to the end."

How convenient that the end happened to coincide with the point where Doherty got booted out the band because he was a liability.

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