Thursday, July 06, 2006


We're not sure why they're bothering to spend quite so much money when they could spend less cash filming images of ruddy-faced people shouting at each other in North East pub car parks and engage with just as few viewers, but for whatever reason, Love Island is returning on ITV.

There are a couple of former musicians in there, and, indeed, Shane Lynch out of Boyzone is probably one of just two people who are vaguely famous in a crowd where the definition of celebrity has been stretched to the extent that the daughter of the woman who is married to Paul Gascoigne qualifies.

There is some scientific interest in this, as it turns out that celebrity list naming follows the same principle as hurricane naming, and once you're past z they start with Greek letters.

The kappa-list celebs in full, then:

Lady Victoria Hervey
Sophie Anderton
Alicia Douvall
Colleen Shannon
Kelle Bryan
Shane Lynch
Leo Ihenacho
Pierce Brosnan's son, Chris
Paul Gascoigne's stepdaughter, Bianca
Lee Otway
Brendan Cole

We expect one of them will win, if there's a competitive element to the whole thing.

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