Thursday, July 06, 2006


"How much bad luck can one house have" wail "friends" of The Osbournes, as a small electrical fault at the Osbourne's lavish mansion causes, erm, some, relatively minor, smoke damage.

Which, considering the potential damage an electrical fire can do, sounds like good luck to us. But there's no news value in that.

Not that the Daily Mail is afraid to bark up the news anyway. The article is headlined:

Kelly flees house fire at Osbourne home

Kelly Osbourne was forced to flee her parents' country home after a fire broke out early today.

But the story admits that she didn't actually flee, as she'd already left the house before it happened:

Sharon and Ozzy's daughter had left the house to film scenes for her latest show, Project Catwalk, shortly before the blaze was discovered.

So how, Daily Mail, was she forced to flee? Did the fire brigade chase her back into the house to make her flee again? Or does she have second sight, able to flee from a fire that nobody has yet discovered?

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