Saturday, July 08, 2006


Following last year's period of awkwardness, when Brandon Flowers first announced Where Is She was a song written from the perspective of Jodi Jones' mother and then, bemusingly, that it wasn't actually about Jodi at all, The Killers have decided to drop the song altogether and it won't be appearing on the new album after all.

Luke Mitchell, who was convicted luring 14 year-old Jodi to the woods and murdering her, was given leave to appeal earlier this year.

The Killers seem to wish they'd never got involved, to judge by their spokesperson:

"The band have decided they don't want to make any further comment about it."

Although the main pain for the family was caused by Flowers' attempt to try and imagine how they must have been feeling, the Daily Record doesn't seem to see anything wrong in ending the story imaginging how the family would be feeling:

But a source close to the family said last night: "The family have never liked it when people appear to be making mileage from the death of Jodi, because she would have disliked it."