Thursday, July 06, 2006


You can hear the thrill in the air: Robbie Williams has gone to a drugs den.

Only, erm, he hasn't. He's gone to the largest and one of the best-established communes in Europe, Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. It's true, as Victoria Newton reports that it's a place

where cannabis is openly smoked on the streets and most drugs are up for grabs.

But I defy her to name a city in Western Europe where that isn't the case. With the possible exception of Ely.

The real story here is that Williams took six minders along, which besides being totally pointless just made locals think they were part of the police team trying to close the place down.

Robbie — who had a single out last year called Tripping and has admitted to using cocaine and ecstasy in the past — even gave his blessing to the Freetown.

He bought a hoodie bearing the slogan “Bevar Christiania,” which means “Save Christiania.”

We suspect that he wasn't actually endorsing the place, and would have bought that in a Beavis and Butthead way. "Beaver... hehhehhehheh heh hehheh..."


Anonymous said...

They don't allow drugs to be used there anymore. "Bevar Christiania" is the slogan used by the squatters who set up the community in the 60s currently under threat from the Danish Government.

Basically it was a social experiment that didn't succeed. True, it kept the drugs in a controllable area for a while but hard drug use was still forced into the shadows (not that I'm saying it should be out in the open) so it just allowed an easier gateway as it were to Class A should one believe that soft drugs naturally lead to hard.

The Government have decided that the so called 'self-sufficient' community are costing them money (both for the cost of cleaning up their mess, policing the edges and providing the social system the Danes are so proud of) and that yuppies and property developers would be better all round. Stockholm-ify Copenhagen as it were. Billions has been poured into the harbour region that Christiania is in (it's an old star fort and barracks) and to gentrify is to progress really. Or at least so goes the argument.

I would have kept it, it was self-policing and managed to keep various industries (e.g. patio heaters that are environmentally sound) going that otherwise wouldn't stand a chance. I had great times growing up there and it saddens me that the Danish government are creating anti-drug hysteria to turn a profit from a remarkable community.

What I am trying to say is that the last time I was there myself and my friend couldn't find anything on 'Pusher's alley' (it used to have stalls offering various soft-ish drugs) and were followed by 4 police officers. This means that with six protectors, or whatever, Robbie is a big girl. Who likes girls. But that would make him a lesbian and we all know he's not gay, don't we?


eyetie said...

Cheers for the travelogue, Kevin. Couldn't Robbie just have scared any ruffians away with his tats? Let's hope his box at Port Vale has six spare seats.

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