Thursday, July 06, 2006


There is, if you have the time to dig and seek and look for it, and interesting apology in today's Sun. You might recall that, when it was doing what it still fully believes was "shaming" Heather Mills, it set about attacking her claims that her full-frontal porn was an educational book by printing a series of quotes from Robert Page, the man behind the Lovers' Guide sex book, which had him tut and say "educational? I should cocoa."

Oddly, though, it turns out he'd not even seen the book, and now the paper has had to apologise:

IN our June 6th article headed “A Lovers’ Guide? This Is Hard Porn” we carried quotes from Robert Page, creator of The Lover’s Guide, on the difference between pornographic pictures and those used in sex education.

In fact, Mr Page’s comments were given by telephone and he was talking only in general terms and without seeing the pictures or knowing they were of Heather Mills.

We accept that our article misrepresented his position and that his comments were misreported.

We apologise to him for this.

Odd though, they seem to have forgotten to apologise to Heather Mills who, equally, had been damaged by the article. We imagine that's just an oversight.