Sunday, July 30, 2006


The last fortnight on No Rock and Roll Fun - where we had to spend some time away from the screen - included these ten-most-read pieces:

1. McFly get naked
2. Heather Mills education/porn shoot
3. Guy throws a wobbler when Madonna dances with Kravitz
4. KT Tunstall - could she be gay-like?
5. More Mills porn coverage
6. The Automatic battle Sandi Thom
7. Michael Jackson gives Macauly Culkin "head" nickname
8. Microsoft call their new player a cock
9. Noel Gallagher's secret gay secrets
10. Lily Allen googles her father

You can read all the first week of the fortnight on one page
or this week on one page
or the week before those in one post, if you get our drift.

and we gave you quite a while to mull these suggestions:

Spot on: they are The Pipettes

Decade-old Placebo debut gets a birthday makeover

Moloko hit the best-of point

Lock and load - The Rifles debut

She gruesome

Razorlight II - more 'sop' and 'ho' than 'more'

Watch the original women's prison drama until your Googie Withers

She Wants Revenge - don't stand in their way

Somewhere between a first UK release and a re-release

Love Songs For The Retarded simply reissued

Over made-up, over-emotional, and over here - Queen Adreena live

Not new, but great: Best of Cabaret Voltaire