Friday, August 25, 2006


Lets hope none of East 17 were hoping the money from the reunion was going to help them clear debts they might have run up or anything, because it's all off again.

Yes, East 17 have split, again, and largely unmourned. The fight between Tony and Brian was the last straw (although general indifference from everyone else can't have helped):

John [Hendy] told [The Sun]: “Brian refused to work with Tony again after their punch up.

“Brian thought if Tony reacts like that every time he’s late, then what’s the point.

“I don’t think Tony’s heart was in it really. There was too much of an ego clash between him and Brian.

“We have carried on with just the three of us and did a gig in Russia the other week, which was mental.”

Sadly, it's not recorded in what sense it was "mental", although we're choosing to believe it consisted of the band switching the lights in the venue on and off two hundred times before they left the stage.


teen_purple_19 said...

The split is most definitely not unmourned.
There are thousands of fans across the world who were over the moon when they heard East 17 had reformed. Now they are all devistated.

simon h b said...

Okay - maybe I stretched a point when I suggested totally unmourned.

But "thousands" and "across the world"? Now who's stretching things?

"dozens" and "people hoping to get their fivers back", more like.

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