Monday, August 07, 2006


The "guilty pleasures" thing (we believe it's what the people call a meme right now) is starting to take on the same life as the 'most embarassing moment' in the Independent media Q&A feature, where, as Private Eye points out, nobody ever records their real mistakes but instead offers something soft to show they're a good sport without showing themselves up.

Asked for a guilty pleasure, the correct response seems to be to choose something that was popular, certainly, but not bad. So, for example, James Morrison 'confesses' to having Black Box's Ride on Time on his iPod.

In what way, Jim, does listening to one of the premier pieces of British house music make you feel guilty?

Actually, it's more like the Guardian magazine feature where people are asked 'what trait do you deplore most in yourself' and they bravely nominate how they just love too much or can't walk past an orphanage without popping in to adopt.