Monday, August 07, 2006


Caretaker of London's declining Capital Radio breakfast show Johnny Vaughan is having a chuckle at Janet Jackson and her diva demands. Someone from his show gurgles to this morning's Sun that she wanted Fijian water when she appeared:

It was simply unbelievable the lengths she went to for a cold glass of water.

“She insisted the water was her very own, from a Fijian spring and cooled to a precise temperature before she would drink it.

“How anybody can tell the difference between a standard bottle of mineral water and some from a Fijian spring beggars belief. It was hilarious watching her staff make such a fuss.”

Very amusing. Except, of course, Fiji Mineral Water is a common, though slightly overpriced, brand in the US, so stipulating Fiji water is really only like asking for an Evian or a Volvic. If you come from a place where you can buy the water at any supermarket, asking for it is probably slightly less than diva-ish.

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