Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Who knew? Guy doesn't think that much of Madonna's music. Or so she says:

"My children adore all that I do, they love dance music. My husband isn't a great fan," she admitted.

But, hey, he loves your acting, right?

"Of course I regret losing the freedom of being able to go out alone to a club - dancing alone on a darkened dance floor without anyone to disturb me or to draw attention to me.

"I regret not being able to take advantage of such anonymity."

Well, you know, if you stopped making public appearances, giving interviews, and so on, you'd be surprised how quickly it'd be possible for you to blend in to the background. Letting the security go, too, might help.

Although, having said that...

"Last week I went to a club where I danced with lots of my friends. It was very enjoyable.

"In turn, I go out from time to time with some of my dancers.", not exactly living the life of a shut-in yet, Madge?

"The small amount of free time that I have I reserve for my children. There's the ice rink, pizza, DVD or a horse ride with my daughter.

"That might seem boring to you, but that's how it is. The times have changed for me."

Oddly, of course, the kids weren't around when she had that horse fall, but still, we bet they're glad that she makes a tiny window in the day for them. How utterly selfish she is to use her time off spending time with her kids. We're thrilled with how impressed we are. Even if she does think its the sort of thing that is "boring".