Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's taken two Sun writers - Richard White and Emily Smith - to come up with a brief report on Heather and Paul McCartney arriving separately at Heathrow. Presumably one of them was responsible for putting in, yes, the "dubbed Lady Mucca" reference.

We're not sure the opening paragraph quite stacks up, though:

THE depth of hatred between Sir Paul McCartney and his ex was exposed yesterday when they flew to the SAME airport in separate helicopters.

Macca, 64, was picked up from his Sussex home and flown to Heathrow for a New York flight.

Heather Mills, 38 — dubbed Lady Mucca over her porn past — was taken there with daughter Beatrice, two, heading for Los Angeles.

So, there arriving in two helicopters shows how much they hate each other. Or, erm, possibly that they started out on two totally unconnected trips from different places?

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