Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Normally, when Microsoft discover a security hole in something like Internet Explorer, they'll get around to posting a fix online at some point.

But with the appearance of Fair Use for Windows Media, a program which apparently strips the DRM out of Plays For Sure downloads, they're running around like sand salesmen at a fire convention trying to fix the hole.

Meanwhile, a program claiming to strip the DRM out of iTunes files has also appeared online over the weekend.

And, in a further developement, Universal Records have signed a deal to provide music to a North American service, Spiralfrog. Spiralfrog will underwrite costs through advertising, which is an interesting approach, and similar to one AOL is hoping will work. Again, though, we have to ask the question - whatever happened to the RIAA's fears that if you give music away for nothing, people don't value music? (Expressed, for example, by RIAA affiliated SoundExchange director John Simpson?)

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