Thursday, August 17, 2006


With the planned Michael Hutchence biopic getting green-lighted all over town, the question of casting has raised its sometimes ugly head. For some reason, Kate Moss was being rumoured upwards for the role of Paula Yates; we can't understand the reaction of Michael Hutchence's brother:

"Kate Moss to play Paula? I'd rather see Carrie-Anne Moss from 'The Matrix'"

Does the refusal to consider Kate Moss show a touching desire to protect the memory of Paula Yates on the part of the Hutchence family? And, while Kate would make a lousy Paula for so many reasons - not least being nothing at all like her - wouldn't anyone rather see Carrie Anne Moss doing anything at all than Kate, god love her, trying to act, making that the equivalent of "Having red-hot conkers forced into my armpits? I;d rather have a good lunch followed by sex on the beach"

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