Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Keep it down, will you, there are young people trying to sleep...

Ron Wood's celebration of the Stones' first gig in the UK went on until four in the morning. It would have gone on longer, but neighbours called the police.

It might not have been the noise that worried them - with Wood living the life of a tax-exile, the neighbours were probably surprised to see the lights on in the house and were assumed it was squatters.

So, was it sex, drugs and that other business?

One reveller tells us: "Ronnie was inhaling it from balloons and doubling over in fits of giggles. It was hilarious for him and just as funny to watch."

At one point, the star joked that the laughing gas was "good stuff" as he passed one of the balloons among his friends.

Not quite, then.

Netx time, Ron, you want to get one of those blokes who can take a balloon and make animals out of it. That'll slay you.

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