Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The Sun continues to drip out its "exclusive" interview with Robbie Williams, and today's chunk is curious:

“I just think Louis [Walsh] wants to manage me and sleep with me, so that must be a problem in his mind.

Williams, of course, marched off to the High Court because he didn't want people suggesting or hinting he might be gay, but it seems that he only dislikes that sort of thing when it's about him.

“Louis has started slagging me off all the time. I didn’t have any history with him so I don’t know why he’s doing it.

“He should decide if he wants to be a manager or a celebrity — I don’t think you can be both.”

Is it just our reading of that, or is there a feeling of jealousy that Walsh has become famous in his own right as well as behind the scenes? We love the idea that there's some sort of conflict of interest if you appear on television and attempt to book gigs for Westlife, as if he's going to be negotiating with a cruise ship to get Westlife on board and the ship's entertainment guy is going to suddenly blurt "we're cutting the fee by forty percent because you wore a horrible shirt on ITV the other night..."

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