Thursday, August 24, 2006


Lots of "Damns" of celebration over in Augusta, where the city has decided to rename its coliseum in honour of James Brown. Brown is thrilled:

"I thank God and all the people there," said Brown, 73, who lives near his hometown. "We want to build back Augusta."

We think the Associated Press meant that he lives near his birthplace, rather than his hometown, as it's impossible to live anywhere but your hometown.

Still, it's very brave of them to buy a new sign and everything before the rape claims against him are fully laid to rest.

It's not that which is worrying Richard Isdell, though: he's more afraid that making the Coliseum into the James Brown Arena will send out the wrong message to potential acts:

[He] said it might draw more soul acts to the city, but would do little to help attract the country and rock shows he thinks the venue needs.

Added to that, not being a coliseum any more will hit the number of bookings from travelling Christians and lions.