Thursday, August 10, 2006


Human ValueOf course, their PR people will go into overdrive announcing they're like The Ramones crossed with Blondie and a dose of Romeoe Void bunged in for good measure.

But they sort of do manage to check off quite a few of those, and a few more besides.

And they're much more fun than the Scissor Sisters.

Meet The Human Value, about to release last year's debut album for the first time in the UK. And they're going to running around throwing their clothes all over the place:

Thursday 4th September: Business and Pleasure at The Enterprise, Chalk Farm Road
Wednesday 6th September: Tigertrap Records Clubnite, at a London venue yet to have the deposit paid
Thursday 7th September: Blue Cat Café, Stockport
Saturday 9th September: Cherry Bomb Disco at Carter's Old. No 7, Barnsley
Wednesday 13th September: The Loft at The Graduate, Cambridge
Saturday 16th September Venue: Sugarcubes Night Club, Lincoln
Wednesday 20th September: Korova, Liverpool
Thursday 21st September: Live at the Witch Trials at The Venue, Dumfries
Friday 22nd September: Misery of Sound at West Coast Rock Café, Blackpool
Saturday 23rd September: The Face at The Tube Club, Archway
Thursday 28th September: Go Ape at Moles, Bath
Friday 29th September: Redi Nights at Central Station, Wrexham
Monday 2nd October Dublin Castle, Camden
Friday 13th October: Vale, Glasgow
Thursday 26th October Club: Hang The DJ's at Isaacs, Barnsley
Friday 10th November Club: X-TRA Light at The Bar on Fryer Street in The Chubb Building, Wolverhampton
Friday 24th November: Burn Down The Disco at The Arches, Barnsley

All over the place, although Barnsley quite often, for some reason.

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OHHH sounds HOT!!

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