Thursday, August 10, 2006


An aspect of the crackdown on security in the face of the threat that may or may not prove to be more real than the ricin attack on Old Trafford or whatever it was they parked all those tanks outside Heathrow for that time:

You can't take your iPod on the plane.

Seventeen days lovingly filling the hard-drive with carefully crafted playlists, and the whole thing will end up wrapped in your pants in the hold.

The terrorists have won.


ian said...

I think your being a bit optimistic. Clearly your ipod will end up in the hands of baggage handlers, and nowhere near your luggage.

karlt said...

I just think that it's a bit odd that I can't take a bottle of water on the plane because it might be a component ina binary explosive, but I *can* tip it into a barrel in the airport departure lounge along, presumably, with the other component...

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