Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Britney: It's a boy, again, probably

According to two of the magazines which employ millions of staff to do little more than poke about through discarded placentas with a Fisher Price DNA testing kit, Britney Spears has given birth again. To a boy, reckon both Us Weekly and the National Enquirer. Although the last edition of the National Enquirer seemed positive she had a little girlie growing inside of her, and it was going to be called Jailynn. Presumably so in a few years when the girl says "where is Daddy?" Britney can say "In Jail, Jailynn."

Now it's a boy, she might have to go with the male versions, Ofrehabanotherstint.

Assuming it is a boy, and the tabloids aren't just making it all up or guessing or something.

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