Friday, September 22, 2006

Bye, fond Embrace

Embrace are going to split up.

Not so fast with digging out the bottle of sparkling Pomagne, though: they're going to make one last album, says Danny McNamara:

"I think our next album will be our last ever album. If we get as far as making it and finishing it, I want it to be a masterpiece and I want to take as long as it takes."

He added: "We've worked solidly since I was 17 - that's half my life - and I've done nothing except look at the bigger picture. I haven't stopped to smell the flowers along the way at all. I spend all my time cooking and not eating and I just want to spend a bit of time doing that."

To be honest, Danny, you have the look of a man who's spent a lot of his time eating and not exercising.

He hints he's got plans to do something that doesn't involve making records. Which goes to prove online petitions do sometimes work.

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