Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dream a little dream for me

Rocío DúrcalWe've often wondered where Jennifer Lopez gets her ideas from.

Okay, yes, they're delivered in a buff folder marked "Ideas" most of the time. But what about the ideas for her songs?

Apparently the new one is based on a dream by Marc Anthony:

"Marc woke up and said, 'I just had the craziest dream,' " Lopez recalled. " 'What was the dream?' And he said, 'Rocío Dúrcal was in this room and she was saying, "Come here, get in this room right now, listen to this. This song is for Jennifer," and she was singing a melody.' "

This was a couple of weeks after Rocio Durcal had died from cancer, making the tale either a heartwarming piece of evidence for an afterlife and that the dead never leave us, or an especially piece of callous marketeering.

They sang the song onto their home answering machine, and a few weeks later Lopez decided to lob it on her forthcoming Spanish language album.

That's a bit odd, too, come to think of it:

Lopez then called a Spanish writer she was working with to help her with adapting the lyrics — though she speaks Spanish, she wanted to make sure she was expressing everything accurately. "You have to have a total command of the language, so I couldn't write it all myself, you know what I mean?" she said. "I had to really depend on people to express what I was feeling."

So... you can sing words and mean them even although you can't actually say the words and mean them? How does that work, exactly?

The ghost of Rocío Dúrcal has announced plans to sue for royalties.

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