Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Child of Mercury

When we first heard that the Mercury Prize people were launching a competition "for children", we assumed it was being aimed at artists whose record deals tend to come about as a result of who their parents are - Lily Allen, Paris Hilton, and so on.

Instead, it turns out to be part of National Music Week, where kids will be invited to vote on their favourite artists and singles from a list of ten. It'll give them a chance to discover how major music awards work, although without the small bags of inducements, of course.

What's it all about, then?

Peter Jamieson, chairman of the British Phonographic Industry says "To date most music education in schools has focused on teaching children to play instruments.

"National Music Week is about exposing young people to a broad range of music and helping them to improve their listening skills."

Yes, in short: the idea is to stop wasting time teaching young people how to make music for themselves, and instead encourage them to buy CDs instead ("improve their listening skills").

The shortlist is:

All Angels - Songbird
Betty Curse - Girl With Yellow Hair
Keisha White - Just Don't Understand
Lil' Chris - Get Delirious
Matt Willis - Ex-Girlfriend
Mr. Skillz & His Crazy Girls - I Know U Like Me
Natasha Marsh - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Seth Lakeman - Kitty Jay
Soweto Kinch - Old Skoolish
Trinity Stone - Ayo!

Having listened to all the records from across the mix of genres, the schoolkids will then be invited to make Matt Willis the inevitable winner.


Anonymous said...

that's a tough test that one... a far harder award then mercury... at least if you lose mercury you can say "oh we're anti-corporate anyway...", "we don't do it for the critics/businessmen/corporate whores, we do it for the fans", "oh we're happy for the winners **cough**the corporate cocksucking cheats they are**cough** we're actually good friends with them.." and "awards don't mean anything anyway and did we mention how we hate corporations..." but if you lose this childrens award you have to live with the fact that you can't even convince the most credulous section of society to like you... yeah that's right, even kids hate you and your shit music...

chaz said...

national music week- trinity stone ayo ! is sooooooooooo gooood lol i mean seriously its a song u just have to listen to!!

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