Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Justin hasn't a clue

You can tell people you're a sexyback romancing loveabot all you like - they may even believe you. But the truth is you're a bumbling Mr Polly of a clerk, isn't it?

Yes, you, Justin Timberlake, we're talking to you.

You don't, under any circumstances, respond to your current girlfriend (if she's Cameron Diaz or not) dying her hair by saying "oh... my ex did that recently". (Especially if she's Britney Spears.)


Anonymous said...

once again donning my 'cynical pr stunt' hat, I can't help notice that three quarters of all throwaway Justin stories in the couple of months leading up to the release of the album have been of the 'I'm not ready to get married/I love my dogs more than anyone else/I'll be going on tour so who knows what's going to happen with regards to the laydeezzzz' kind that are eager to play down the relationship with one of Hollywood's A-list beauties and keep the number one rule of boybands within reach: be available to your audience. - Elvis

Chris said...

I thought they made him sound like the sort of guy who can't stop talking about his ex on your first date and then ends up getting drunk and calling her during dessert a la that episode of Friends. Maybe that's what people want from their pop studs nowadays.

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