Monday, September 04, 2006

Girls Aloud Havant a clue

Why were Girls Aloud late on stage at a concert in Havant?

Not, as you might think, because the group is in crisis and everybody hates each other, oh no.

Apparently, it was because Cheryl Cole's dog wouldn't go back in the house when they went to pick her up.

After an hour, they decided to take the dog as well. Although a better solution would have been to leave Cheryl behind.

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thensheappeared said...

We have entered our little boy in the 'Win a day with Girls Aloud' competition that Maccy's is running. Imagine! Cheryl Tweedy would have to go to the park with him and he could tell her about Power Rangers over and over again, then they could ride their bikes through some mud and he could cheat at 'I spy' for an hour or so. I'm sure they'd love it. I'd love it that's for sure, think of the peace and quiet.

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