Sunday, September 03, 2006

Murder, torture, bathing in blood - just another day at the goth office

David A Line of UntotenBack in the 1600s, Elisabeth Bathory took to killing young girls so she could bathe in their blood and, thus, obtain eternal youth. It's a rotten idea - apart from anything, if that worked, then Nadine Baggot, Celebrity Beauty Editor, would be sloshing about in a bath of teenage O negative instead of spending her meagre income on Olay Regenrist. Plus, of course, murder is never a pretty business. And what good is eternal youth anyway, if you have to spend it forever digging a hole in the garden to bury corpses in?

Still, Bathory is about receive some of the immortality she thought was hers, in the form of an album by German pridegoths Untoten. Titled Die Blutgräfin, it details her legend over two albums' length and is due the end of October. Probably not one to ask your Gran for for Christmas.

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jana said...

there even is a (metal) band called bathory:)

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