Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Glasto blast-o

Next year's Glastonbury is going to be bigger than ever, and that, claims Michael Eavis, will mean it's better than ever:

"What I can announce now is that I'm adding an extra 100 acres next year so it will be the biggest festival ever.

"I'm renting the additional land from a neighbour so there's more space and major improvements to the campsite. So it's not just going to be bigger, but better.

"We're going to be presenting the best line-up anywhere in the world. Glastonbury 2007, will be, literally, the greatest show on Earth."

Given that it was already a trudge around the site to begin with, and the place was already totally packed, we're not so sure this is the brilliant news it's meant to be. After all, you can expand the site by 100 acres, but if all the extra people want to go and see the headline act, the area in front of the main stage isn't going to magically expand, is it? There does come a point where large becomes monsterous, and that was a place Glasto was already close to. Let's hope this isn't another step towards the Tesco tent.


CarsmileSteve said...

simple solution: don't go and see the headlining act, i think i've seen 2 (radiohead '98 and bowie in 2000) out of a possible 30 and not missed much...

i'm fascinated to know which direction he's expanding in though, i wouldn't have thought past the stone circle was possible cos you'd be over the hill, but any other direction is a fair step from anything even now...

Anonymous said...

could just be more parking fields, camping and the like. in terms of those i suppose the possibilities are pretty much endless. personally, i dont think stone circle would really be the same if there was another field above it

ian said...

Yes, Yes, Eavis. Best year ever. We know. We've heard that one before.

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