Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Chemical Romance drummer hospitalised

Plans for My Chemical Romance to play live in America this weekend were dropped after drummer Bob Bryars was hospitalised. Not as a result of injuries picked up in the Reading shelling but from something he did filming a video:

"My Chemical Romance regretfully announced they are cancelling this weekend's performances in both Allentown, PA (September 2) and Syracuse, NY (3) due to the hospitalization of drummer Bob Bryar.

"Bryar was admitted to the hospital late Thursday night because of complications resulting from injuries sustained last month while the band was shooting a video in Los Angeles. He is expected to remain there through the weekend."

Remain in hospital, rather than Los Angeles. We assume.

Gerard Way is distraught:

"One of the major disappointments of this, other than seeing Bob in pain, is missing Taking Back Sunday and Circa Survive."

Yeah, yeah, that must be heartbreaking for you.

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