Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hook's book

Yes, it sounds like a feature off Mark Radcliffe's old Hit The North show, but Peter Hook is about to start work on a book. He's writing the story of the Hacienda, which should prove fascinating. We've had lots of works which feature Fac51 as the pulsing centre of a vibrant Manchester club scene; Hook will be able to tell the tale from the perspective of a man who threw good money after the bad, and then some more money, and then some other people's money into the place.

Hook explains:

"I realised I'd bored my friends for years with tales from The Hacienda so now I thought I'd bore the general public with it.

"But once I started to get into the writing I realised what a huge endeavour it was, and that I was going to have to work on it properly to do it justice.”

"To us it's a tale of woe, but The Hacienda did change the world of clubbing. Even though it took me to the edge and it took Factory Records to the edge. The stories are legion and legendary."

And by telling them, Hook might at last make some money out the bloody place.

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