Thursday, September 07, 2006

I bet you look twelve on the dancefloor

Earlier this week, the Kooks got stopped by police who thought they were underage.

Now, the Arctic Monkeys have had the same trouble - so much like young chancers do they look they nearly failed to get in to the awards ceremony itself and then, later, to a drinks do at the Met bar.

It also has emerged that Domino weren't going to bother entering Whatever People Say I Am, I'm Not, You Know, And You Can't Make Me in the Mercury, as they didn't think it stood a chance. The Mercury organisers more or less forced them to fill out the form. Which does make it look a little like this year's plan was always to give it to the popular choice, just to ensure the sponsor's name and the prize didn't start to slide away to the arts sections of the broadsheets. Or maybe not:

A Mercury source said: “It was by no means a fix. The Arctic Monkeys broke all records with their debut album. If they hadn’t been entered it would have made a mockery of the whole competition.”

Just imagine. A prize ceremony not treated with respect.


Pete said...

The thing you have to ask yourself is: (a) what kind of person is a judge on the panel for the Mercury music award, and (b) can you really imagine that kind of person listening to the Arctic Monkeys at home, out of preference?

The answer to (b) is obviously no. The Mercury judges are obviously more Fleetwood Mac/David Gray kind of people when they're not representing the company.

simon h b said...

To be fair, Lauren Laverne was on the panel...

mumbosteve said...

As was Simon Frith, the sociologist, whose theories on music being a mass medium were commonly mentioned in my boring lectures at uni =[

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