Thursday, September 07, 2006

Madonna may bring down the house

The Madonna Moscow gig is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. First of all, citing the fear of students falling out of windows, it was shifted to the Luzhinki Stadium. Then it was protesting Christians objecting to the whole thing.

Now, there are predictions that Madonna might cause the Luzhinki to collapse.

Says who?

The bloke who designed the building.

Nodar Kancheli has warned the music could shake the roof to pieces:

"The stadium could collapse if audio frequency resonates with the vibration frequency of the building. The sound waves could damage the structure."

And it's not like he doesn't know about collapsing buildings - he was the architect whose Transvaal Water Park collapsed in 2004 with the death of 28 people. He's predicting a collapse of the roof on the Luzhinki could kill thousands.

It's all a little bit like No Highway. Only with buildings, and not planes.

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