Monday, September 04, 2006

Jones, Cable re-attached

The long and bitter rift between Kelly Jones and Stuart Cable after Jones kicked his old school chum out of the Stereophonics has been laid to rest after the pair met by chance and had a drink together.

After all, why should Cable bear a grudge? Being poked off the drumstool has meant his life has become more interesting, and he's started to find a lucrative role as the budget-priced Noddy Holder.

Meanwhile, Jones is off the Hollywood in LA, America to pitch a movie:

"I'm going to LA at the beginning of September. I've written a short film, which I'm trying to develop. I will be shooting a read through scene out there with Dougray Scott, a fan and friend of mine for a number of years, he was really into the story and the idea, so that should be a blast and a new experience for me which I'm nervous and excited about."

If Scott is your friend, Jones, why would you describe him as "a fan" first of all?

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